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  • Al Qaeda release pictures of gunmen who carried out Burkina Faso massacre



    Wearing military clothing and carrying machine guns, these are the men al-Qaeda claim went on the rampage slaughtering guests at a hotel in Burkina Faso. A picture of the three gunmen was released along with a statement by the terror group which claimed responsibility for 'conquest Burkina Faso' over the weekend. Al-Qaeda identified the men as Al-Battar Al-Ansari, Abu Muhammad al-Ahmad al-Buqali and Fulani - with each given a nom de guerre.


    It comes as survivors described how jihadis targeted Westerners at the Splendid Hotel by executing those who looked to be European as they lay injured after being gunned down. At least one American and six Canadians, as well as French, Dutch and Swiss nationals are among the 29 people from 18 different countries killed during the 15-hour terror attack by militants. Among those killed was a nine-year-old boy.
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