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  • Report says Eritrea, Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia are in a military alliance to curb Ethiopian regime's belligerence


    EDITOR'S NOTE: Contrary to what this report says, It was Ethiopia that invaded Eritrea on June 12th. Satellite imagery, which most developed countries have access to, showed Ethiopian troops invading Eritrea using tanks and heavy artillery. Eritrean Defense Forces fought back in self-defense, forcing TPLF troops to hastily retreat in complete disarray. As a result of their unprovoked attack, over 200 TPLF troops were killed and 300 more were injured, while Eritrea suffered 18 deaths.

    While this report is definitely wrong on who the aggressor was on June 12th, it doesn't negate the fact that Eritrea is part of a Saudi-led coalition to curb terrorism in all shapes and forms (including wayward regimes who invade their neighbor). So within this context, it becomes plausible that Eritrea, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which the later has a military base in Eritrea, are working together to establish peace and security in the region.

    US-Arab cold war in the Horn of Africa

    By AfricanIntelligence

    Ethiopia, a staunch ally of the United States, will have its work cut out to contain the hostility of its Eritrean and Egyptian neighbors, who in turn have support from certain Arab countries, namely Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Meanwhile, it has to contend with the mainly Oromo internal revolts ( ION 1422). We publish here our exclusive disclosures about the underlying factors of a war that is as much diplomatic as it is military.




    UAE and Egypt are behind the latest Eritrean push - On 12 June, the brother-enemies of the Horn of Africa accused each other of starting the recent deadly fighting with over 300 dead on their border in the Tsorona region. After saying nothing for two days, Addis Ababa finally gave the green light to its government spokesman, Getachew Reda, to warn the Eritrean regime of Issayas Afewroki that Ethiopia could go so far as to wage all-out war. Eritrea was emboldened by its support from the Gulf States and the security and military partnership contract it signed in April with the Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud ( ION 1403). So it did not stop at merely making noises against Addis Ababa and has even inflicted heavy casualties on the Ethiopian army. But Egypt is in reality behind the Eritrean assault, with support from Abu Dhabi.




    The Indian Ocean Newsletter has learnt that on 12 June, Mohamed Dahlan, the PLO former head of Preventive Security in Gaza and current advisor to Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohamed bin Zayed, was at a meeting in Cairo with the Egyptian Minister for Irrigation, Hossam Moughazi, and also attended by representatives of Mukhabarat (Egyptian general intelligence directorate).


    On the agenda was the Egypt-Ethiopia tension over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). This was when Mohamed Dahlan decided to play the Eritrea card to apply pressure on Ethiopia, by urging Issayas Afeworki to instigate hostilities against Ethiopia on its border. He then went to Asmara on 16 June.

     His visit to Eritrea was prepared by a member of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) who lives in Cairo and Asmara, Omgita Sharo. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia and UAE, fearing that the conflict could escalate, sent a memo to Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, asking him to recall the 2,000 or so soldiers posted at Dankalie, a stone’s throw from the Eritrean port of Assab which is the home of a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) base and which Saudi Arabia and UAE have refurbished to the tune of $50 million. But Ethiopia immediately replied to these recommendations firmly in the negative.

    Washington behind Addis Ababa - Ethiopia is far from isolated in this crisis. Its US and Israeli allies ensured it was elected a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council for 2017-2018 on 28 June. Furthermore, on 8 June, Ethiopia was guest of honour at the White House. At a unique meeting, held at the behest of Reuben Brigety, the US Ambassador to the African Union with the agreement of the State Department, Ethiopian-American businessman, US ambassador to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and former CEO of Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), Daniel W. Yohannes was invited to talk about Ethiopian fears of threats from its neighbours. Since then, the United States has largely closed its eyes over Addis Ababa’s military manoeuvres in Djibouti, where a large number of soldiers are stationed on the Eritrean border, North West of the Tadjourah district.
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  • There's something very weird about this woman's racy bedroom snap - but it takes a while to spot it

    It's a snap just like any other you'll see in your Instagram news fee. A woman poses cheekily biting the end of her finger while gazing down the lens.




    The image is actually from as far back as 2003 , but it's gone viral again recently. Why? Because eagle-eyed people have spotted something quite odd about it.

    It's not obvious at first glance, but look closely...




    Yes, she appears to have an extra finger - and she's even drawing attention to it.

    Is it natural or Photoshopped? Nobody seems to know.

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    Heart burn – Bananas are natural anti-acid and can relieve your heartburn in a minute. If you feel the symptoms just munch on one banana and you’ll feel better instantly.

    Blood pressure – Bananas are rich in potassium but contain almost no sodium in them which is why they’re good for your heart. They can lower the blood pressure and prevent stroke or a heart attack.

    Energy – We already mentioned but let’s repeat just in case. Bananas give you energy and are a great pre-workout snack. They contain vitamins, minerals and low glycemic carbs which increase your endurance and the high levels of potassium prevents muscle cramps.

    Anemia – People suffering from anemia can benefit greatly from introducing bananas into their diet because they can provide them with the much needed iron. Iron stimulates hemoglobin production and strengthens the blood suppl

    Ulcers – Ulcers can be really annoying because there are a limited number of things you can eat without causing stomach upset. Luckily for you, bananas are just perfect for this condition because they’re soft and mushy and protect the stomach lining from acid and irritation.

    Depression – Did you know that bananas can help you with depression? They are rich in tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin, when ingested. In case you didn’t know, serotonin is the neurotransmitter which makes us feel happy, relaxed and in better mood. SO if you’re feeling down take one banana and you’ll feel much better.

    Constipation – Bananas have high amount of fibers which is beneficial if you’re suffering from constipation. They can stimulate bowel movement and relieve the symptoms.

    Nerves or PMS – If you’re feeling kind of down and stressed out, take a banana. They can regulate blood sugar and are rich in B vitamins, which naturally calm the nervous system and make people relaxed, resulting in an overall improved mood.

    Temperature Control – This may be the thing that surprised me the most, but bananas can lower your temperature and cool you off. This goes for when you’re feeling hot or if you have a fewer. Amazing, isn’t it?




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  • Pastor Makes Congregants Suck His Privates In Church, Says Semen Is Holy Milk



    Sobrino Valdeci Picanto, an evangelical pastor from Brazil, persuaded his followers that he practiced oral sex because it was the way he preached the word, saying that his ‘milk’ was sacred. And this pastor said his penis was blessed and that “the Lord had consecrated with divine milk of the Holy Spirit” and of course, had to go around evangelising.

    “He convinced us that only God could come into our lives through the mouth”, a follower said, “Often, after worship, Pastor Valdeci asked us to do oral sex on him until the Holy Spirit came through ejaculation and delivered funds to the church.” Sobrino Valdeci Picanto, 59, was arrested in Apore, Goiás, Brazil, for raping several women attending his church. He gave as an excuse that his penis had been consecrated with “divine semen of the Holy Spirit.”

    Valdecir came to abuse some elderly, and defends himself by saying that ‘he had an encounter with Jesus in a brothel and gave him the mission of spreading the sacred semen throughout the state, beginning with the faithful Apore Assembly, of which he is responsible’.

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  • more than 200 imprisoned and people has died in the new Addis Ababa house demolition plan


    more than 200 imprisoned and people has died in the new Addis Ababa house demolition plan



    Addis admass reported that about 200 peoples are arrested being suspected for the disturbance.

    It is in Lafto Sub city that over 20,000houses said to be illegal being demolished since the past two days.

    The two police officers, Michael Shiferaw (Insp.) and Tesfaye Bahiru (Dep. Insp.), and the woreda administrator, Tarik Fikre, were killed after confrontations due to illegal settlement turned deadly.

    The confrontations occurred after the woreda administrator summoned local residents for a meeting to discuss the issue of illegal settlement. At the meeting a mob—armed with blades sticks and rocks—that was refusing to be forcibly evicted from their houses awaited the administrator and the two police officers and eventually attacked them, which ultimately led to the death of the three.

    According to eyewitnesses, police then arrived at the scene and arrested some 200 residents suspected of being perpetrators of the crime.

    Sources also told our source that some 40 police officers who were injured during the clashes were admitted to Police Hospital where they are currently receiving treatment 

    Pictures circulating on social media after the incident showed hundreds of local residents, mostly women and children, queuing at the Addis Ababa Women and Children Affairs bureau, some visibly shocked as they learned their houses were being demolished by local authorities in their absence.

    A similar incident on May 18 in an area known as Woreda 12 in Bole Sub City resulted in a harsh confrontation between city officials and local residents. Although early reports claimed about several deaths no confirmation was obtained.

    Source : Addis Admass and Reporter and diretube.com



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