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Silver medalist Feyisa Lilesa shows solidarity with protesters in Ethiopia' - LOS ANGELES TIMES

Feyisa Lilesa of Ethiopia was nearing the finish line at the men’s marathon on Sunday morning when he crossed his wrists above his head.

The silver medalist did it again. And once more at the end of an extraordinary news conference -- standing alone and posing for photographers -- in which he explained his show of solidarity with protesters in his homeland, Ethiopia.

He explained that the gesture was in protest of the killing of the Oromo people, saying he stands with the resistance movement, adding that the government was “killing our people.”

Lilesa was asked about the consequences of his protest. He said maybe “they kill me…if not they kill me, they put me in prison.”

Later, it was mentioned that the International Olympic Committee frowned upon political protests/gestures at the Games.

Said Lilesa: “They can’t do anything. It’s my feeling.”



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