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3 Simple And Natural Ways To Become V!rg*n Once Again


If your boyfriend lost the desire of $ex with you or even you not feel good after $ex because of your loose private part, then don’t be sad, because you are not alone. This happens with every woman in her life when she looses the tightness of her private part. Surgical procedures are available to make them tight and enjoyable once again, but these surgical procedures are expensive and you have to go repeat this over and over. But if don’t want to spend money in this procedure then we have some natural remedies for you. This remedies are very effective and doesn’t going to harm your body in anyway.

#1. Gooseberries



Gooseberries are rich in vitamin C and it is very good for eye. But besides eyes, they are also very helpful in regaining the tightness of the v@gina. Boil some gooseberries in water and store resultant solution in a bottle. Now, apply this solution everyday on your private part before going to bath. This will help to restore the elasticity of your v@gina.


#2. Oak Gall



This is a Thai herb that has very powerful and lubricating agents. This herb is also very helpful in tightening the walls of your v@gina. Make a paste from it and apply this on your v@gina. Many people also take it like a medicine in the form powder.


#3. Witch Hazel



Witch Hazel get its name because of the weird appearance. Witch hazel can also be used for tightening the gen*t@l region. Grind witch hazel to powder form and wash your gen*t@ls once in a week using this powder.


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