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Top 5 Luckiest Finds That Made People Rich

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Top 5 Luckiest Finds That Made People Rich. These lucky people all found stuff that made them rich! Some of these lucky finds made these extremely lucky people filthy rich even!

5. Whale Puke

Ken Wilman was walking his boxer dog Madge in Morecambe, Lancashire when the dog found a 6 lbs. lump, worth $175,000. Ken only realised its potential value after an online search revealed the substance was ambergris, an ingredient used in the manufacture of perfume.

4. Action Comics #1

A Minnesota man bought an old abandoned house in hopes of renovating it and make some money. He purchased the house for $10,100. While tearing into one of the walls he found the Action Comic #1. He immediately put it up for auction. In the first two days after the auction began it was already demanding a price tag of $100,000. Action Comics #1 can fetch up to two million dollars in perfect condition.

3. 1964 Shelby Daytona

Caroll Shelby is known as one of the greatest race car builders ever. In 1964, he built six Daytonas. Only five of them are believed to exist still. The original prototype was thought to have been destroyed over three decades ago. One day a lady was about to open up her late father’s storage locker which had been willed to her. She found the prototype 1964 Shelby Daytona in the locker! It had been sitting in the storage unit for over 30 years. After the car was fully restored it sold for over $4 million.

2. Faberge Egg

A man from the Midwestern United States was making his living on purchasing metals and scraping them. He bought a gold orb with a number of gems in it for $14,000. He believed he could scrap it and make a nice $500 profit. It turned out to be one of the 50 Faberge Eggs. Only 42 of them were believed to still exist following the Bolshevik Revolution. This was one that was believed to have been destroyed. Had the man melted it down, he would have barely made his money back. Instead, due to its historical significance, he was able to sell it to an art collector for $33 million.

1. Coca Cola Stock Certificate

In 2008, the now-deceased Tony Marohn bought a number of documents at a garage sale for around $5, one of which was a stock certificate for an oil company called Palmer Union Oil Co. Marohn then discovered the company's successor is Coca-Cola and claimed that the certificate represented 1.8 million shares of the company, or a $130 million stake. One man's trash is another man's $130 million Coca-Cola stock certificate... The lawsuit is still going on.

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